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Just-In-Time Consulting

We offer immediate assistance to leaders and managers who are facing a performance issue with individuals or with a work group.

Identifying and addressing the needs of INDIVIDUALS.

•      “I’d like your suggestions on how to manage a difficult conversation with one of my employees.”  We are able to quickly give you tips and suggestions on how to analyze and problem solve individual performance issues.

Identifying and addressing the needs of WORK GROUPS.

•      “We need to enhance leadership skills of our managers.” We are able to help you think through the true performance needs of your work groups based on a clear understanding of your work group’s business requirements, the performance required of the group, and addressing the true causes of the group’s performance “gaps.”

•       We have a rich selection of performance enhancement training modules available to fill specific skill and knowledge gaps that can be applied immediately.


Strategic Consulting


Identifying and addressing the needs of BUSINESS UNITS/ENTERPRISES.

•      “We are moving into a new consumer market where our core competency is limited.  The revenue and market share goals we’ve established for the business are aggressive.  We need to ensure we have the talent needed to drive success.” We are experts at partnering with our clients to accomplish the strategic outcome of optimizing workplace performance in support of business goals.  We offer strategic consultation that is directly linked to multiple business needs and utilizes multiple solutions.  We value partnering with our clients, sharing accountability for results.

•       Engaging with Growth Sherpas. Here’s what a typical strategic consulting engagement with Growth Sherpas looks like.

Step One:  Initial Complimentary Meeting (2 Hours)

•     Meet with Growth Sherpas senior partner to address this question:

“What are the business results you are not getting that you need and/or what are the opportunities you have for obtaining even greater results?”

•     Growth Sherpas will prepare an initial project plan that will describe how Growth Sherpas believes they can add significant value given your business needs.

•     Agree to proceed.


Step Two:  Meet with Growth Sherpas to articulate the specific performance you need from your people, given the business goals needing attention (4-6 Hours)

•     Answer these questions:

“What are the specific business goals for your group?”


“If the goals are to be achieved, what on-the-job performance is required of your group?”


Step Three:  Work with Growth Sherpas to determine the specific performance status of the people responsible to achieve the business goals.  (1-3 Days Depending on Complexity)

•     Answer these three questions:

“What is the desired performance you need from your people (the “SHOULD”) if your business goals that are to be achieved?”


“What is the actual current performance state (the “IS”)?”


“What are the “gaps” in needed performance between the “should” and the “is”?”


Step Four:  Continue to work with Growth Sherpas to determine the causes for the “gaps” in performance (1-3 Days)


•     Answer these questions:

“Are work environment issues causing the gaps?  Such things as clarity of roles and expectations, coaching and reinforcement, incentives, work systems and processes, access to information, people tools, and job aides?”


“Are individual capability needs causing the gaps, such things are lack of skills and knowledge or inherent capability?”


Step Five:  Partnering with Growth Sherpas, agree on solutions to be taken to close the performance “gaps.”  (Time required depends upon completion of performance issues and availability of key stakeholders.)


•     Answers these questions:

“What solutions are “low hanging fruits” that are relatively easy to implement and can begin making a difference almost immediately?”


“What solutions are more complex and will need longer term planning and development?”


Step Six:  Partnering with Growth Sherpas, implement the various interventions.  (Time required varies according to the number of interventions required.)

•     Answer these questions:

“What is the project plan to roll out each intervention?”


“How do we ensure the interventions are understood and accepted?”


“How do we stay on top of each intervention to ensure it “sticks”?”


Step Seven:  Intervention evaluation and maintenance.

•     Evaluate the results with Growth Sherpas.

•     Determine the success of the intervention relative to the business goals.

•     Answer this question:

“What are we going to put into place to ensure an ongoing maintenance strategy for each intervention?”


So what will you have at this point?  You and your business will have:


•     A comprehensive road map that will ensure your people will succeed climbing the mountain of business goals and challenges!


•     And you will have a strategic partner in Growth Sherpas that will travel with you in the future to ensure all your treks up the mountain of business challenges will succeed!


Coached Performance

Experience counts-40 years of senior and executive level roles in HR and OD infuse my coaching offer to you. My style-collaborative, pragmatic and insight driven.


 Next Generation Employee Engagement

You are committed to transforming the level of results, the quality of employee experience and solving tough, big organizational problems- Next Generation Employee Engagement is a solution to all three.