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Take the Growth Sherpas Challenge. Answer these questions.

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A printable check list for your team to find out how ready they are to take on your business challenges



1.      What are the business goals for your group?

•     What are the measures of success for these goals?

•     Is there any business unit or function reaching these goals now?  What are they doing differently to contribute to these results?

2.      If your business goals are to be achieved, what on-the-job performance is required of your work group?

•     If you have star employees, what do they do more of better, or differently to achieve these goals?


3.      What are the current results of your group?

•     What are the actual results of a typical business unit or function?

4.      What do the employees in your work group typically do regarding their performance?


5.      What are the reasons for the gap between your business goals and your current results?

6.      What are the reasons for the gap between what employees should be doing and what they are doing now?

7.      How do the capabilities of your employees compare to the requirements of the job?

8.      What skills and knowledge do your employees require if they are to perform successfully?


9.      What are some solutions you have tried to address the “gaps” you have identified?

What is your level of confidence with your answers to these important questions? High, medium, low? Our experience tells us you need at least an 80% confidence or don’t start up the mountain! Less than 80% makes it a good time to contact Growth Sherpas.